About Us

Nunes Debris Box Service has been serving the Sonoma County area since 1992. Our main focus with each project is to reduce landfill waste by recycling our collected waste materials. Our goal is to reduce, reuse and recycle. Please contact us at 707-765-1624 to discuss your project and get a free quote. In addition to debris boxes we also can provide complete "trash-outs" - we provide the boxes and the labor to clean up your property.

Debris Box Sizes

  10 Yard (18' x 2' x 8')        20 Yard (18' x 4' x 8')         30 Yard (18' x 6' x 8')         40 Yard (22' x 6-1/2' x 8')


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Trailer and mobile home demolition and disposal, dirt and concrete removal, excavation, heavy equipment and metal recycling